Participant C

Back on Track programme

Participant C joined the Back on Track programme at Stanley in September 2019 and remained with the course until July 2020, successfully completing six qualifications.

During the programme, Participant C displayed inconsistent levels of motivation but academically was very gifted. There was no consideration for career choices beyond the course and had caring responsibilities at home for their Nan.

When the participant joined the Foundation, the learner enjoyed sport and really engaged in the practical side of delivery. As a result, when the tutor was devising the personal learning programme, Sport became one of the core aims of the course. This really helped with motivation, with engagement levels becoming more consistent as the course progressed. Running alongside this, the Foundation supported key employability skills through a Level 2 certificate in Personal and Social Development and supported the learner to achieve their Maths and English qualifications as part of the programme also.

Sport became one of the core aims of the course. This really helped with motivation.

During lockdown, Participant C took the decision to move in with Nan and become a full-time carer which is a credit to the skills that were developed on the course and the true nature of this participant. During lockdown, Participant C still engaged around their caring responsibilities and began to talk more about a career in public services, in particular the armed forces.

The course tutor facilitated the development of these aspirations, offering IAG in relation to the different careers on offer as part of the armed forces and what entry requirements each role had. Towards the end of the course, Participant C identified a Uniformed Public Services course at East Durham College.

The course tutor supported with the College application process and after a successful initial assessment and interview, Participant C has been accepted on to complete a Level 3 Uniformed Public Services qualification which started in September 2020.

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